A Magical Company Was Founded

Once upon a time, there were two friends.

HEALING + NATURE + CREATIVITY  were all hardwired into their lives’ blueprints. Each walked along her life-path, experiencing different people and lessons along the way.  One day in 2016 their roads crossed again. Particles of creativity sparked a magical, energizing fusion of ideas.

The WholeSoul Company was born.  

Jennifer and Lisa WholeSoul Founders

Lisa Fry

Lisa started out teaching after she graduated from Santa Clara University with a BA and a Masters in education. Fast forward to three grown children and wisdom granting life changes, Lisa followed her heart into a creative outlet that she has always enjoyed recreationally but now pursues professionally as a decorator, interior designer. Lisa has always approached her creative work by how things feel, by incorporating the elements and what the intention of the space would be. These heart centered ideas led her to become Reiki certified and have a mindful meditation focused on the earth elements.
This balance and integration of the elements in her every day life plus being the daughter of  3rd generation farmers in the California Central Valley has Lisa integrating these roots both past and present to come up with the perfect alchemical formula with Jennifer to start WholeSoul.


Jennifer MacDonell

Jennifer received her BSN from Creighton University and began her career as a Labor and Delivery nurse. Her nursing career has included many aspects of mother and baby care including teaching classes for expectant parents about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn care. She decided to build on her intuitive skills by becoming a Life Coach and an Energy Healer with training in Healing Touch and Reiki. She was later introduced to essential oils and proceeded to train in Aromatherapy. As her knowledge increased she became passionate about finding natural solutions to wellness issues and ways to decrease exposure to potentially hazardous materials. As she learned, she began experimenting on her husband, 4 kids and pets and sharing with friends, suggesting “potions” that could replace pharmaceuticals and making great smelling chemical free products as gifts. She kept hearing “you need to sell these, I don’t want to wait for my birthday to get more”. A lucky encounter with Lisa gave her the partner she needed to make it happen and the WholeSoul was born!

Lavender Quench is a must-have for me.  Every night I look forward to deeply inhaling its lovely scent while applying it to my skin.  Sometimes I use it as my facial moisturizer at night, making my skin incredibly soft while the calming scent lingers well into the night.   Absolutely love it!! The Balanced Body Polish makes my showers a heavenly experience.  While exfoliating and softening my skin, the warmth of the water melts away the scrub and the scent is absolutely lovely.  It is like a mini-spa treatment. Decadent! The Balm turned out to be quite a nice addition to my medicine cabinet.  While I had a cut that healed very quickly after using The Balm, I was also able to safely use it on my dog’s cut to her paw.  It also healed very nicely and quickly.  No vet visit! I am not a “bath” person,  but I do use the Soul Soak to soak and soothe my feet.  It has the most wonderful scent as well as a silkiness that is absolutely delightful.  I might just have to try a Soul Soak bath one day!
Teri, California
I love the Whole Soul Company’s products, I am obsessed with Quench which hydrates dry skin with deep moisture through a luxuriously rich but light lavender smelling balm.
Alicia, California

I absolutely love the Quench Body Lotion. It is the best skin moisturizer I have ever used – very absorbent and smells wonderful!

Eleanore, California

I am OBSESSED with this Quench lotion! My mom got it and I have been stealing it from her nonstop! I am not a lotin person ast all but literally just cannot stop putting this amazing, fluffy light butter cream all over me! You are magical lotion makers and I LOVE IT!!!

Taylor, California
Thank you, WholeSoul Company, for the wonderfully aromatic and natural ingredients the you’ve put into your products. I particularly love Quench at any time of the day, but especially love putting the product on at night, before bed, on my feet, arms and legs. It is hydrating and soothing to my skin and the smell helps to calm and relax me after a long day. I gave a Quench to a girlfriend and she loved it so much that she wanted to buy some for her sisters and nieces. I also like THE BALM, and use it on minor abrasions or paper cuts. It helps to relieve the sting of minor skin injuries and helps them to heal. The BALM has a woodsy fragrance and a little goes a very long way! I support a more organic and holistic approach to caring for my skin and body, so your high quality, natural products are a welcome change to all the other products out there.
Lois, California
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“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

Frank Lloyd Wright