Introducing Clean Home & Beauty for 2021

At The WholeSoul Company, we want to ring in the New Year with a great deal. Our Clean Swap 2021 Package will give everyone the chance to start the New Year on a fresh page, receiving seven beauty products that are discounted by 20 percent!

Our handcrafted products are made with love, essential oils, and all-natural ingredients. Many of your favorite brands include hidden ingredients and harmful chemicals, which we have proven are not necessary to make a product that smells great and works like a charm. Read on to learn more about the benefits of our products, and why you should start your New Year with The WholeSoul Company!


Peace Out Spray

Prioritize sleep this New Year with this relaxing, organic, sleep spray combining essential oils lavender, mandarin and cedarwood to calm and soothe. Peace Out can be sprayed directly onto your pillow, into room air or even on your body or clothing since it is free of harmful toxins. Make it part of your pre-sleep routine. 


Smell Swell

Antiperspirants and most drugstore deodorants are full of harsh chemicals that are absorbed through the skin and prevent our bodies from eliminating toxins. Swap your current deodorant for our clean alternative, Smell Swell, guaranteed to provide effective odor protection while keeping your armpits safe from harsh chemicals.  



Unlike common body butters and lotions such as Dove, Bath and Body Works or Maui Bath, Quench is a soothing, hydrating cream without artificial fragrances or harmful chemicals. Feed your skin with organic mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil and grapeseed oils whipped together for a light, fluffy texture. The lavender essential oil smells amazing and its properties are great for your skin.


Balanced Body Polish

Exfoliation is an essential component of maintaining healthy, youthful, and glowing skin. This all-natural blend of organic raw sugar, organic coconut and almond oils will leave you exfoliated and hydrated to help you keep your healthy glow. The grapefruit essential oil smells great and, as a bonus, is known to reduce cellulite.


Hand Sanity

Hand sanitizer is now a regularly used product for many of us, but most of the commercially available ones are full of nasty chemicals! Keep you and your family safe by using Hand Sanity. This hand sanitizer meets CDC guidelines of 70% alcohol and has a proprietary blend of essential oils that kill germs and smell great. We add organic aloe vera gel and glycerine to keep your skin moisturized.


Mist Me

With the winter months coming up, give yourself a boost of hydration with our all natural facial mist. We use a combination of ingredients including Rose, Neroli and Lemongrass floral waters plus Frankincense, Cypress and Geranium essential oils for a fresh-smelling product that your skin will love! Mist Me can also be used as a hair and body spray. 


Luscious Lip Balm

Your lips will love this super hydrating, all-natural, and delicious lip balm. The white label combines orange and peppermint essential oils for a nice little zing, while the black label is a gentle vanilla flavor created when we infuse organic jojoba oil with vanilla beans.