“Quench” is a whipped body butter that is hydrating and calming for the mind and body. It is made with a unique combination of organic raw mango butter, organic unrefined shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, and organic grapeseed oil. The ingredients in Quench have excellent antioxidant skin benefits that help skin cells regenerate quickly. Use on dry skin anywhere. Especially good on bottoms of feet, hands and elbows, and other drier areas but many of our happy customers also use it as a whole body moisturizer. Our original recipe contains Lavender essential oil known for its popular scent as well as having many therapeutic benefits including analgesia, skin healing, stress reduction, calming and sleep support. Watch for our limited edition scents as well and their properties to enhance your whole soul. PLEASE NOTE: Our body butters are shipped in a freezer bag with reusable freezer packs. These luscious butters WILL melt in hot temperatures, so we protect them on their way to you. Be sure you check your mail and bring them in ASAP!