Welcome to WholeSoul

Welcome to The WholeSoul website and our new look!! We are so excited to share our next steps with you. When we launched our products last November at “The Spirit of Giving” boutique we were not sure what to expect. Our journey from formulating the idea of the WholeSoul to our product launch was very quick and sprinkled with a large dose of crazy life events to keep us on our toes. We were so encouraged by the reception we received at the boutique (lots of sales!) and even more thrilled by how quickly so many people came back for more after falling in love with their first purchases. Our dream was showing promise!

After the holidays we began to focus on setting up a website. We decided to rework our logo and packaging at the same time to make sure we had a clean look with a wide appeal. We also expanded our line to include Essential Oil roller bottles that can be beneficial in addressing many of the common ailments we encounter in life. The essential oil combinations have been chosen based on their traditional uses and diluted with fractionated coconut oil so they are portable, easy to use, and smell great. Try them to support a good night’s sleep, promote calm and balance in daily life, boost your immune system when exposed to other’s who aren’t feeling well, promote relief from symptoms of colds, coughs, aching heads, symptoms of PMS and menopause and even the dreaded toenail fungus!

We have added a travel sized Quench that you can carry on the airplane. Quick reminder especially as the weather gets warm- we get the wonderful fluffy Quench texture by melting our organic ingredients, chilling them and then whipping them together. Quench cannot take the heat at all and will melt in a very short period of time if left in the car on even a mildly warm day!!!! Please take it straight home!

We have also added a nourishing lip balm that is getting rave reviews. We are currently developing several other highly requested products including a natural deodorant, an effective, body friendly zinc oxide sunscreen that feels like a nice lotion and works, and a personal lubricant without the usual dose of nasty chemicals and petroleum byproducts. We would love to hear about your experience with our products and what you would like us to add next!

We will send another update soon to let you know about our first retail location!

Soulfully yours,